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We’ve organized this expanded survey into sections that correspond to the different stages an organization is in with regard to returning to work. However, some questions could potentially be relevant regardless of what stage your organization is in, so please review them to determine which you feel would be helpful to your organization. You should also consider whether your organization faces any unique circumstances that may not be fully addressed by our questions.

Coronavirus Business Resilience Survey Sections


Work During the Pandemic

Includes questions that are relevant for any organization, regardless of whether employees remotely, have always been working "on location," or have returned to their work location. It includes some questions from our original CBRS survey released in March 2020.

Preparing to Return to Work Location 

Contains survey questions relevant for organizations that are approaching the time when employees will be returning to work locations in some form. They address health and safety concerns related to returning to work. These questions are far less relevant for "essential employees" or those who have been working at a work location.

Back at Work Location

Contains questions for organizations where employees have been working on location throughout, or where employees have returned to their work location. Although a couple of these questions might be useful for organizations with employees who have not yet returned to work, we think they will be most useful when employees are already working at their normal job sites.

Essential Workers

Questions are only relevant to organizations that include employees who are in "at-risk jobs" (working closely together at a work location), and refer to issues specific to face-to-face interaction with customers.