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Coronavirus Business Resilience Survey (CBRS)

Survey Package

The culture of your organization has never been so important, and it has never faced such rapid changes. Companies are telling us at CultureIQ that right now is about putting out fires. We agree. The trick is to know where the fires are. We've created this survey package for you to collect employee feedback in order to identify those fires! 

A survey to help manage the crises you face now

CultureIQ CEO Tony Jaros has unveiled a new Coronavirus Business Resilience Survey (CBRS), created from our Culture Strategists' pooled expertise and designed to pinpoint feedback on these critical topics:

  • Employee Health & Well-Being: Ability to take time off, understanding benefits offered, assessing the value of benefits, feeling valued by the organization
  • Collaboration: Availability of tools to share information, trust in coworkers to be productive and timely, after work hour communication in case of emergency, problem solving behavior
  • Resources & Processes: Agility to cope with new processes, personal alignment to work goals, tools necessary for remote work, support from support functions
  • Flexibility: Contingency plans for staff shortages, flexible working arrangements, work/life balance
  • Workplace Health & Safety: Safe working conditions, education for healthy work behaviors, concern for customers and employees, empowerment to address safety concerns
  • Communication: Frequency of senior leadership communication, transparency, strategy shifts, upward communication
  • Manager Support: Availability to discuss health and safety concerns, respect for employees as individuals, job expectations, open dialog
  • Overall Evaluation: What is working well, what needs improvement