Recruiting Through Employee Engagement:

Turn Passive Employees Into Active Promoters

Hiring the right people is a question on every organization’s mind. But doing so effectively can feel elusive.

At CultureIQ, Teamable, and Greenhouse, we all firmly believe employees are your best brand ambassadors and recruiters. Employees source candidates based on their alignment to your culture and business goals. Employees hired through referrals have higher productivity, lower turnover, and lower screening costs — not to mention a faster time-to-hire and lower cost-per-hire.

So how can you strengthen your recruiting efforts with employee referrals?

To start, you need a healthy culture — one that enables employees to feel happy and engaged at work.

CultureIQ, Teamable, and Greenhouse combined forces to show you how to measure your engagement and use the learnings to leverage employees as brand promoters.

Download this eGuide to learn why engaged, happy employees are your brand’s best promoters, and how to:

  1. Measure employee satisfaction using eNPS
  2. Improve engagement and satisfaction
  3. Leverage employees to drive recruiting