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Transforming Data Into Insights: Executive Presentations With Impact

How do you get your key stakeholders — your CEO, CHRO, senior leadership team — to be engaged with the engagement or workforce survey? What can you do to make the survey data come to life and tell the story so your stakeholders are compelled to take the best actions for the organization?

An effective executive presentation on the survey results is a key component to gaining (and sustaining) buy-in from the senior leadership team. If poorly executed, leaders may become lost in the data, fail to recognize key insights or even lose faith in the results.

This whitepaper provides tips and best practices for presenting survey results to your C-suite to foster buy-in and create a shared sense of owners.

Key learning objectives:

  • How to set a strong foundation grounded in survey content that directly focuses on the organization's context, culture, and business strategy
  • Who should deliver and attend the presentation
  • How to drive relevant insights from the data
  • How to prepare for discussions and manage Q&As